About 60minsport


The original intention of us to establish our brand 60MINSPORT is that we would like to propose the change of lifestyle for women—a healthy life with free outfits rather than the standard outfits that the society asks for women to be elegant or appropriate. As we all know, the normal bra is too restrictive to breath smoothly and feel particularly stuffy and uncomfortable in summer, because of the thickness of the chest pad and steel hoop. Recently, street fashion that the trend of simple wear such as T-shirt and gym oufits leads the liberation for women outfits by following super stars, which is similar to our proposition “LESS IS MORE”. The gym style becomes more and more popular wherever u are. A healthy lifestyle with comfortable dress will bring u a good time for everyday.

Due to our first principle that the texture of comfort and skin-friendly,All products are made of soft and breathable fabric to tailor, with high-quality recyclable materials. 60 mins sports starts your healthy travel.


We care about how our products are made and who makes them. Before working with every new suppliers and their factories, we carefully check all of the accreditations they hold. 

We’ll only work with suppliers who practices align with our values, and we ensure this through the use of regular external audits and by maintaining a conversation to constantly improve conditions. Exploitation thrives in hidden places, so we’ve made sure to shine a light on our entire supply chain and work with our factories to help them be the best they can be. This includes setting parameters for overtime, fair wages, anti-discrimination policies and other standards in line with international regulations. 60minsport is aware that there are cultural and legislative differences between countries, but no matter where our suppliers are, we want to work together to ensure that certain standards are being upheld.

We aim to build long-term partnerships with our suppliers, and carry out our business in a transparent, fair and sustainable manner. We’d like to bring a positive change to the industry we operate in and continuously improve the standards of the factories we work with. It’s very important to us and we know you feel the same!


We wish our products and service will able to bring you a good time while you are shopping. Our community, guarantee and products won’t never let you down. If you have any issues, email our dedicated support team and we’ll work together towards a solution.Thanks for being part of the journey!

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